About Us


Hermay Labs Corporation

Hermay Labs Corporation is a high-tech organization dedicated to conducting high quality research and development. The founding members have strong entrepreneurial backgrounds and decades of experience in medicinal chemistry, chemistry research and process development. We are interested in drug discovery and formulation, particularly in special cosmetic products, and environmental protection / environmentally-friendly products. 

Hermay Labs Corporation’s mission is to use the most innovative technologies and the best products to create chemical solutions which improve the environment, human health and quality of life.

Hermay plans to build a platform that connects innovators and investors. As innovative researchers and entrepreneurs, we know how much effort is required to bring great ideas to life. We have both the experience and expertise to identify good ideas and turn them into great products. To this end, we maintain strong relationships with universities, industry, public organizations and investors in Canada, USA and China.


J. Yao, Ph.D. President

Dr. Yao obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from Wuhan University, a highly-respected institution in China. He subsequently served as an Assistant Professor at Wuhan University before undertaking post-doctoral research in North America at Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas, USA) and the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada). After spending many years working as a research scientist, Dr. Yao co-founded several companies, including a profitable contract research organization (CRO). Dr. Yao enjoys being an entrepreneur, having built up companies from scratch and growing them to become sustainable and profitable businesses.


Leonard I. Wiebe, DSc, PhD, Pharm. D Chief Scientific Officer

Leonard I. Wiebe, DSc (2002), PhD (1970), University of Sydney, Australia, holds Honorary Doctorates in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Meiji Pharmaceutical University, Japan (2002) and Health Sciences University of Hokkaido, Japan (2003). He was appointed to the academic staff of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta in 1970, and was appointed Professor Emeritus in Pharmacy in 2003.  

Dr. Wiebe has held research appointments at the University of Tübingen, the German Cancer Research Center, and Heidelberg University in Germany, and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Sydney University in Australia. He has served as an expert consultant to numerous Universities and international agencies, including the Volkswagen Foundation, Cancer UK, the Australian Atomic Energy Commission (now ANSTO), the Helmholtz Foundation, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and the International Atomic Energy Agency. Professor Wiebe was the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s first Ambassador Scientist for Canada (2007-2012), and the first permanent Director of Biomedicine and Health at ANSTO.

As an Adjunct Professor at the University of Alberta’s Department of Oncology, and Research Associate, Cross Cancer Institute, Dr. Wiebe has continued his research into the application of nuclear techniques in biology and medicine. As a medicinal and radiopharmaceutical chemist, he focuses on the design, synthesis and development of pyrimidine and azomycin-based nucleosides for radio-diagnostic and therapeutic applications in oncology and virology, and on the development of targeted drug delivery systems based on nanoparticles and rigid molecular carriers. He is a member of the Editorial Boards of several international scientific journals that publish in his fields of interest.