Current Research and Development Projects and Products

1. Skin depigmentation and chemotherapy of advanced melanoma

Skin pigmentation control and melanoma chemotherapy are serious goals for people in all walks of life. Cosmetically affected individuals suffering from exposure to occupational or recreational exposure to sunlight, including sun-tanning, or experiencing drug-induced hyperpigmentation, look to the cosmetic industry for help, largely because the pharmaceutical industry has not championed scientifically-proven remedies. Similarly, the lack and ineffectiveness of melanoma-targeted drugs leave chemotherapy as a last, and usually futile, attempt for advanced-stage melanoma treatment.

Hermay Labs has developed a series of compounds that represent a new opportunity to interrupt skin hyperpigmentation and modulate melanoma growth at the biomolecular level.  Hermay Labs is seeking partners and collaborators, and is offering investors early-stage opportunities to promote this technology.

2. Novel skincare and haircare Products

Hermay Labs is developing novel natural skincare and haircare products that can kill viruses and bacteria, block UV, or help hair growth. Most of the ingredients are natural. Hermay Labs is trying to provide cosmetic products that are innovative, safe, and effective

3. Affordable and sustainable wastewater treatment agencies

  The global water and wastewater treatment market is expected to reach $211.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2025.  At Hermay Labs, we intend to improve wastewater treatments by developing innovative, affordable and sustainable wastewater treatment agencies.